At Hi-Tec, we believe in promoting employees who exemplify strong work ethic and leadership qualities.

We have found that giving our employees the opportunity to advance within our organization builds loyalty and dedication. Hi-Tec promotes 95% of all supervisors and managers from within the ranks of our current employees, including upper management.

Current Open Positions

We have pride in our jobs and positions we hold. Our everyday goal is to keep our school a healthy, safe and clean facility.
— Andrew Davis, Area Manager

It's like having another set of eyes in the building.

Bev Thiel, Executive Director of Spartan Stores YMCA


Hi-tec job openings

Hi-Tec Building Services is a leader in the custodial service industry and our passion is in our work.

We are an ever-growing organization and thrive on employee success. We are firm believers that hard work pays off. If you are ready for that next step in your commercial cleaning job, come join our team!

We have a wide variety of opportunities for people looking for employment throughout the State of Michigan.

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